Mollie Coddled is self-produced Indie Pop artist based in the North of England.


Merging Dreamy Indie and Alt-Pop, Mollie pairs soft, soulful vocals with a soundscape of hazy, echo-laden guitars and synthesisers.


Being influenced by the Bedroom Pop scene, Mollie produces her songs in her own bedroom, bringing an intimate feel to her music.

Mollie's self-released journey has seen support from DORK magazine as well as huge support from Spotify, landing on New Music Friday, Fresh Finds and more.


Summery synthesisers, reverb drenched guitars and intimate vocals shape her sound; which encompasses the feeling of being lonely but full of love at the same time; something which is a very widely shared experience within Generation Z.

Mollie has accumulated over 400k streams and has also received huge support from Amazing Radio; being featured on their A-lists, Tracks of the year, ones to watch list and more.

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"Emotional outpouring is now done through a content, rose-tinted lens, and Mollie Coddled is mastering it." 

-Line Of Best Fit


"If we’re not here in 12 months talking about how big a deal Mollie Coddled is, then we’ve all failed."

-DORK Magazine

“It’s new, it’s dreamy, it’s shimmery and it’s all kinds of gorgeous”

-Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio)




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