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Mollie Coddled 2023 (© Georgia Zimmerman)

"A professional emotion-splurger with extreme attitude and overwhelming cheek in the best way possible."

- DORK Hype List 2023

"Ready-made singalongs where you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry, but we’re here for every possibility" - Gigwise


“Mollie Coddled continues her dreamy trajectory upwards through her own personal bedroom-pop stratosphere”

- Line Of Best Fit Magazine


“Establishing her own unique space in pop music”


"This is what youthful catharsis looks like for a new generation – emotional outpouring is now done through a content, rose-tinted lens, and Mollie Coddled is mastering it."

- The Line Of Best Fit



Mollie Coddled 2023 (© Georgia Zimmerman)

Mollie is currently self-releasing as an independent artist with 500k streams on Spotify, huge support from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. 


Growing up out in the sticks of a North Yorkshire farm, Mollie struggled a lot growing up with feeling unconventionally different, she says “As someone living with Autism and ADHD, providing a place for people to feel seen and validated is the goal of my songwriting” mentioning the lack of relatable music in the mainstream, growing up. 

Mollie Coddled holds court as Yorkshire's Indie Dream-Pop Queen. With a whimsical touch, her music paints a vivid portrait of the Neurodivergent Gen-Z experience, offering a delightful journey through the tapestry of society. Blending elements of Dream-Pop and Indie-Pop, Mollie effortlessly intertwines playful vocals with a dreamy sonic landscape adorned with hazy guitars and synths.


Drawing inspiration from the whimsical vibes of the Bedroom Pop scene, Mollie takes the reins as both artist and producer, crafting her own unique sonic tapestry. With a signature blend of dreamy melodies and melancholic undertones, her music captures the essence of a sun-soaked daydream, wrapped in a haze of reverb-drenched guitars and intimate vocals. Each note serves as a gentle reminder of the disorienting journey of navigating life's twists and turns, offering solace to those who feel like they're dancing to the beat of their own drum.


Through honest, tongue-in-cheek lyricism, Mollie explores themes that are analytical and self-critical but with a twist of light-hearted sarcasm. Showing her neurodiverse outlook in her lyrics, she addresses topics like Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD), Anxiety and Depression in her music, things that often come along hand-in-hand with being on the Autism spectrum.


Over the 2023 Summer festival season Mollie Coddled played stages at YNOT, Leeds Festival, Liverpool Sound City, 110 Above and Dot to Dot among more as well as supporting Cosmo Pyke, Ellie Dixon and more. 


Previous releases have seen Mollie supported by NME, DORK, CLASH and more. Spotify has also shown support, placing Mollie’s latest EP on New Music Friday, Lofi-Indie, Our Generation and more. 

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