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Mollie Coddled 2023 (© Georgia Zimmerman)

"A professional emotion-splurger with extreme attitude and overwhelming cheek in the best way possible."

- DORK Hype List 2023

"Ready-made singalongs where you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry, but we’re here for every possibility" - Gigwise


“Mollie Coddled continues her dreamy trajectory upwards through her own personal bedroom-pop stratosphere”

- Line Of Best Fit Magazine


“Establishing her own unique space in pop music”


"This is what youthful catharsis looks like for a new generation – emotional outpouring is now done through a content, rose-tinted lens, and Mollie Coddled is mastering it."

- The Line Of Best Fit



Mollie Coddled 2023 (© Georgia Zimmerman)

Songs full to the brim with tongue-in-cheek lyricism sprinkled with self-depricating sarcasm; showing a neurodiverse outlook in her lyrics. Mollie addresses topics such as Rejection Sensitivity Disorder (RSD), Anxiety and Depression in her music, things that come along hand-in-hand with being on the spectrum.


With major festival performances, huge press support and numerous Spotify editorial placements under her belt, the world is now eagerly waiting for more new music from mollie so they don't have to die unfulfilled when the world explodes from global warming.

Straight from DORK's 2023 'Hype List', Mollie Coddled is 21 year old, Alt-Pop making indie queen from Yorkshire. Mollie’s music shares views of Gen-Z society through a dreamy and fun, sonic lens.


Merging Dream-Pop and Indie-Pop, Mollie pairs playful, yet intimate vocals with a soundscape of hazy, echo-laden guitars and synthesisers.


She writes and records her music from her bedroom, taking influence from the Bedroom Pop scene; bringing a signature soft and melancholic sound. 


Summery synthesisers, reverb drenched guitars and intimate vocals shape her sound; which woozily encompasses the feeling of how disorientating it can be trying to navigate your early 20’s.

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